Our Mission
  All Care Cremation Services is dedicated to provide professional, personalized service to families who choose cremation as an affordable and dignified choice of disposition for their loved one. We provide cremation services in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area for all faiths and religions. 

At All Care Cremation Services, we realize that going to a funeral home can be a very emotional experience. To help ease some of this emotional difficulty, simple arrangements for basic cremation services can be accomplished by using a FAX machine, E-Mail and the telephone. 

  Although we are a licensed funeral home, we specialize in direct cremation services.  This allows us to provide direct cremation packages at a lower price, without compromising our service to you.

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Because we own and operate our own crematory, we are able to maintain the highest standards and provide an unmatched level of quality.

Our standards for a cremation include a detailed identification policy, maintaining  the integrity of the cremated remains and offering greater peace of mind to our families